Eva Santiago
Will I Ever Know the Outer Fringes of You?

Will I Ever Know the Outer Fringes of You?

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Will I ever know the outer fringes of you?

Will I ever let you know mine?

What can be found in your out skirts?

I’ll tell you what you might find in mine…

A slow down sign or two

A proceed with caution sign too

I’ll only roll out the red carpet to welcome you into my inner city

IF and only when I find you  worthy

In my outer city limits you’ll see a cheap motel

For the lone traveler just…

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There is a smell and feel of dawn long before the light

Dawn smells like:


An untraveled path

A rose about to bloom

A hot cup of steaming green tea


There is a smell and feel of dawn long before light

Dawn feels like:

A newborn’s breath on my cheek

My lover’s kiss on my eager lips

A hug from some one I’ve not hugged in a while

An unexpected smile


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Dying to Live, Loving to Die

Dying to Live, Loving to Die

What goes
Is what you let go
What stays is what you welcome
What flourishes
Is what you nurture
What dies
Is what you starve
What Fails
Is what you discouraged
What blooms
Is what you pruned
What is, is what you allowed
What is not, is what you dismissed
What you run away from
Is what will catch up with you
What you abandoned
Is what haunts you
What you refused to acknowledge
Is what will scream…

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You heard my soul
My breath
My heart beat
My energy

I heard your soul
You baby sweet breath
Your tiny heart beat
Your new energy

The universe conspired
To line up our stars
To make sure all the glitter fell in all the right places
To make sure the constellations would align

You are here not here by happenstance
For I don’t believe in luck
Nor do I believe in chance or mere coincidence

You are…

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The Sea Owns the Tide

The Sea Owns the Tide

The sea owns the tide
Just like the moon owns the night
Just like the sun owns the day
Just like the stars own the sapphire hued heavens
Just like the light owns the dark
Just like the darkness owns nothing
Just like nothing owns the abyss

The sea owns the tide
Just like the grave owns life
Just like life owns all that is everlasting
Because death is not final

The sea owns the tide
Just like…

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